Sorry for that Question for Assasins Creed 2

I Played the free GWG Assasins Creed now for a little while but i really dont know where i get quests from.

Im running, im climbing, im using the Map, I synchronisize the Area but - sorry for my stupidity -i dont know what to

So what to do ?


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There should be an objective marker on your map. It's the big exclamation mark I believe.

Thank you for your answer Defy.

I can see the Exclamation mark. But if i go there i always get in trouble wirh upset people. I dont do anything and they start  fighting me.

seems like the exclamation mark stands for people i should stay away from !?

I thought i could just run away and dont have to fight them back.

Maybe i should start fight them back and search for the Quest after that ?

If it's an area with guards that are guarding blueprints hire some thieves,fighters or ladies to distract them...I personally used the ladies quite a bit...the guard reactions are funny.

okay yellowjacket i will try that, thank you.