Sons of Anarchy

A lot of people play video games to relax. Get off work, get out of school, and just blow off some steam. So why do so many clans have so many stipulations tied to them, when it comes to being apart of them?

Say hello to the Sons of Anarchy, a brand new way to play and belong to a gaming Community.

The Sons of Anarchy do not have any mandatory practices, you play when you are able. So, how do we operate exactly? All of our members are able to create Events, these can be anything from matchmaking, tactics, map call outs, clan battles, custom game nights, whatever fits your fancy.
The Sons of Anarchy support multiple games (what we call Charters), and unlike most clans we do not require our members to belong to any specific game. You are free to join any Events posted for any game. You are encouraged to join a Charter, but in no way required to do so.


  • President
  • Vice President
  • Sergeant at Arms
  • Member
  • Prospect

 The President, Vice President, and SGT at Arms represent the "Officers" of a given Charter. Their primary function is to ensure Recruitment and that Events are ran for their given Charter, either by them or other personnel of the Sons.

Currently the Sons support the following Charters:

  • Battlefield
  • Call of Duty
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Halo

We support both the XBOX and PlayStation Platforms as well as gamers from around the world. And we are always looking to support more Charters, so if you don't see your game listed, simply visit our website and request your game be supported by the Sons of Anarchy.

Our Requirements:

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Have a working microphone
  • Be able to attend Events
  • Be able to access our website
  • Be able to "sign" the Club Muster each month

We have one additional requirement. All members of the Sons of Anarchy must have one of the official clan tags (SOA or SONS) on their gamer tag. All Prospects will have 1 year to accomplish this task. The reason, is to make sure we have dedicated, loyal members. Those who do not, will not become an official member, and be removed from the Club Muster.

The Sons of Anarchy is a new way to play, play when you can, with competent, mature gamers. Belong to something more, don't be just a name or a number on a roster.

Join the Sons, Fear The Reaper! 

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