Son Hacked Please Help!!!

My 11 year old gamer tag has been hacked and Microsoft support has said to see if any one can help get him a one time gamer tag change.  My son is really upset and confused by why someone would want to hack his account.  I would really appreciate any help. Thanks so much Natasha 


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They said there was nothing they could do I guess it is time to get a different game system. I might call and try to talk to someone else. Thanks for the reply

The only possible way you can resolve this problem apparently is to purchase a gamertag change.

And here is the Microsoft support link on how to change your gamertag for a small fee.  I think its $9.99.

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Sorry, but no one on the forums can assist with a gamertag change. You would need to continue working with support for assistance.

You could pay for a name change or contact support.  Since the new gamertag may not be appropriate, they should offer you the option to change for free.  But I dont work for Microsoft so I can't speak for them.  

Also Microsoft offer 2-step authentication for Xbox Live Accounts.  I would turn that on after changing your gamertag.  

Instructions are located here on a Microsoft blog:

Thanks everyone for all your help and we found out that it was one of his friends that changed his gamertag.  Everything has been changed and we have made the security of signing in stronger.  

Used the two step log on method.  It be better then doing what you have been using now. It basely used you phone number, cell phone number or email to check that it you are the one logon on the profile and not some *** from some god dam country that you might not know of.  But then those country most likely have no internet at all.  But you never know.

I guess my first question would be how was your gamertag hacked?  Did you mean account instead?  By chance was your gamertag force changed?