tomahawk up and left. (Glitch)

In the midst of battle within a fort, firing the pistol and taking out enemies close by my tomahawk has disappeared. I now only have the hidden blade and my fists. I would quite like my tomahawk

Has anyone else lost their tomahawk or other weapon? Anyone know where I can directly contact UBISOFT on this?

EDIT: Small note, when in loading screen Desmond showed up with a bow and flintlock pistol on his person!?!


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My Sawtooth Sword just disappeared too! Great. Soon i'll have no weapons.

Now my entire screen is a bland blue color after starting a homestead mission to catch a cougar. Even when I try to restart checkpoint, memory, and even leave the animus. The only thing I can see is the HUD and subtitles.

I had my tomahawk and Sawtooth sword both disappear and found them hiding in the General Stores.  All I did was just re-equip them and they haven't left me again.  Have you tried that yet?


Not sure how to help you with your HUD problems honestly.  I haven't had that happen to me.

Actually I did, and it didn't work. Also I can't enter any of the stores I know of. The option doesn't even show up when I reach the door.

A problem with your HUD not showing up try the options menu

Fixed the screen going blue by dashboarding, hasn't happened since but I worry it happen again. Managed to get my equipment back by going to the basement in the manor because I am still unable to enter any shops.