Sometimes this game baffles me

I still like this game, but at the same time I just want to break this game in half.  Yesterday on WMD I killed a guy while he was placing a claymore and of course it activated killing in the process. So I did the same, but for some reason my claymore doesn't activate at all. Then there are other times when people can get a 10 foot knife lunge, but I cannot even kill someone that is right next to me with the knife. I know this has been talked about before, but this is what the forums are for to discuss things such as this.


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I know what you mean. Sometimes I am doing great at this game. And then something happens and the thing lags and hit dection doesn't work like it should.


Yes, this happens to me all the time, it's hard to get past the lag sometimes and even the host on some occasions. My biggest gripe is the bullet damage. I'll try to keep this short but for example: I shoot someone first and then he kills me with less shots with the same weapon. Like the L96, I've seen all of these videos where guys have a good 15-20 seconds of gameplay where they take out one guy after another with the L96 and doesn't have to shoot them more than once. But, when I use that gun I only kill someone with one shot MAYBE half of the time, even if I get a lucky no-scope hit marker 5 feet in front of me to the guys chest.

i just don't even care anymore. and whats wierd is that me not caring has made my games stats start to go back up

I get pissed when stuff like this happens! I just shout then I'm good to go.

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I still like this game, but at the same time I just want to break this game in half.


Maybe you should break the game in half. Not having this game will probably extend your lifespan by at least 2 years.


On a more serious note. Sounds like lag and it bites.

This game has convinced me that I am the unluckiest person ever. My last visit to the horse track only confirmed that. The horses I bet on got last and second to last. :(

Stupid lag.  i hate you

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Get better internets so you can have host.