Something that i am missing...

still can't figure out how to do it if still possible...the option to pull/move/hide things or bodies like in Oblivion/fallout. If anyone know hot to do it ; share here ...although i doubt it because i tried a lot of things and still nothing.


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click the thumbsticks? people are putting buckets on NPCs so there has to be a way

Doesn't work...RS is for crouch and LS for TP view/ FP view. Can you do it that way you said , Lord?

hold the A button from what ive been told

there has to be a way to pick up items and move them around as there are many videos of people doing it

there is, hold the A button

Thanks a lot guys! Holding A only is way better than in Oblivion and Fallout games . Can't wait to decorate my first house.

Personally Im still waiting for the game, should be here soon I hope, the tracking number for UPS says out for delivery

Thanks, was looking for this earlier too.

You only need to hold 'A' (or whatever your action button is) to grab something. After that, you're free to release the button and move about freely while holding whatever it is you picked up.