Something that has always erked me about MK....*spoilers*

Raiden...He's the freaking God of Thunder, hell he is a GOD. So why in the hell can't he beat anything that stands in his way? I've never understood this about Mortal Kombat if he is a God then why can't he just use his godly powers to stop everything?


Another thing.... Seeing that following the Mortal Kombat storyline is harder than quantum physics to follow when the last one you played was back when you were a child when does this Mortal Kombat take place after? Is it three? I noticed that Armageddon was obviously canon seeing the start of the game but that was changed by Raiden at the end of the game. So does that mean any game after three suddenly did not happen? Deadly Alliance and all of them?


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Raiden has got a bit of interesting story to him. Being a god doesn't mean you can do anything and everything at a whim, though.


For more story on the MK series, prior of the new installment, you read up here, if you wish. Yes, he did alter some of the timelines and events, but you should remember what happened at the end.

Its a game!