Something Similar To A Nuke?

Hey, I was wondering. This guy set off something like a nuke in the game I just played and I haven't seen if before. What was it? It definitely atomic bomb worthy or something because it killed everyone. It had a timer like the nuke and everything. I thought they got rid of the nuke?


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Doesn't end game, 25 kills with just you and your gun, killstreaks don't count. I haven't seen one yet.

Oh ok. Sorry for misunderstanding what it did. It just happened in the game I just played and I thought it was a nuke. But your right, it just killed every one and then every one got back to playing. But it made the map darker. It was pretty cool but the guy is either incredibly good or got really lucky.

Probably boosted for it. Did you watch the replay of the game to see what he did to get it?

I watched the replay and have my questions about what he did. It seems like he played a very small part of the map. He had a silenced assault rifle and was probably hidden to all air support and uav's. Without question, he hid and nobody faced the guy face-to-face but instead all of his kills were either long range or a guy's backside. He did kill the same game numerous amounts of times but in no way did it look like he boosted for it. The only way I could see that he boosted is him in party chat and having somebody on the other team calling out positions of guys.