Something other than prestige!

This is a played out system that has been hacked to shreds in all but one cod game, and I know it is a matter of time before blops is hacked up also. 

Reasons why it should go away.

1.  It promotes hacking.

2.  You kind of lose the great feeling that you hit top prestige when so many others did it in an hour or less.

3.  This system is played out.

A new system lets say level 1 to 1000 would be sufficient.  Have several unlocks along the way.  Just something different please.

A simple xp/money system would be fine where you start out with basic perks, weapons, and other items, gain xp/money with game play and you purchase or unlock things as you go along.  You could have a rating system that takes certain things that you do and ranks you from private on up to commander.  Also unlock new symbols based on the amount of days you play the game, that way hackers can't just magicaly go from o to 10th prestige in no time. 


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I dont think "anything new" or anything very different will be added to CODs until a new gen console comes along, dunno, but Im thinking the way to prestige will be the same as always. I have always wanted a "prestige emblem" or something for being dedicated and having lots of gamedays played, like something at 10 days, something new at 15 days. something new at 20. 25, 30, 35, 40. etc......But that wouldnt stop hackers, as everything has to be on the disc already (the emblems), so they would "adjust/hax/mod" their times played. Ive always wanted zero prestige and just have your rank start from one and go to infinity, kinda like days played, you keep that same number throughout. They could hide "unlocks/weapons/perks" along the way somewhere, its hard to explain. Im level 50 now and 14th prestige, but according to this I would be just rank 700 and zero prestige, something like that.

They could always revert to the Halo ranking system, where your level actually reflects on your gaming ability.  This would also put players in more even online matches.

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They could always revert to the Halo ranking system, where your level actually reflects on your gaming ability.  This would also put players in more even online matches.


that would mean IW would actually have to do work outside of their giant copy paste machine.

if you want a good game, you have to put work into it.  Eventually people will get tired of it.  Take a look at the Medal of honer series, the first game was a hit on ps2, and after that it went down hill, now nobody trusts that series and it flops everytime they try to make something.  

Levels are stored on the LIVE servers, so they can't be hacked.  BLOPs isnt hacked because it doesn't depend on xbox's security.  IW would have to do very little to get a decent matchmaking system because Halo's TruSkill matchmaking system is available to everyone.  It is Treyarch I think is more responsible for this so-called cut and paste method.  IW tends to make the bigger leaps and bounds in the CoD series.

I agree Trent. Treyarch rarely brings anything worthwhile to COD.. I actually do not accept Treyarch CODs just because all they do is copy what IW did before them. I think that's why people get such a fatigue over COD. It looks like COD is just doing the same stuff, but it's really just Treyarch copying stuff. It's hard to explain, but if you just deny BLOPs and WaW's existance you'd see COD4 and MW2 in a better light.. I think people are getting burned out on COD because lots of other devs are using the COD formula.

Good points...  If Treyarch was not around to make cod games and iw had a release every two years like most fps games, then we would not be at this point in the cod series.  Burnt out.  Everytime I try to put in blops and go another prestige, I get annoyed by having to prestige again,  I already done it 33 plus times and the next game I will just stay at no prestige.  Or not get it at all.