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Okay, so now that many of us have had the chance to play MW3 MP, what Black Ops features would you have liked to see implemented in the game?  Separate game studios aside, borrowed ideas are a must to survive in the game industry (a.k.a. horde, survival, etc.)  I'm not missing the "dive to prone" feature but I would have liked to see the 'buy your own add-ons' feature transplanted.  What say you?


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i think the biggest thing they should've borrowed from blops was the cod points system, im really not liking grinding out a new rank only to unlock a useless gun. also would've liked to see 4 player survival like zombies was

I thought survival mode was 4-player? I'm not sure, but I think it is.

I really miss diving to prone. I can't count how many times that saved me in Black Ops.

nope only 2 player just like the missions in spec ops...its very odd its almost like they didnt think it through all the way

Aww really? Oh well, it's still fun and a nice change from zombies.

I would have liked 4 players for survival but I think it would be kind of overkill. Some of the maps would be too crammed for everyone to get kills. There would always be one person complaining someone is stealing their kills.

Off Subject but I've yet to buy this game and I was wondering if the no scoping/noob tubing is being spammed like it was in MW2?  Thanks for your replies