something ive found out

well, i guess im the first one to post in this forum. anyway as i recently found out,(and some may already know) that you can actually add a staff to a warrior or a rogue, it's seems pointless cause you cant use a talent, but its still a nice thought to add a staff to a warrior or rogue. maybe its possible to turn your character or party member into a power house at using a staff.(i might try it myself)


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They can still poke the enemies, just not use magic

I'm confused.....

You can equip them with the staff, they cant do anything with it though..

right staves which are restricted only for mages. and no, not a mage dressing up like a warrior(but technically you dont have to be an arcane warrior to try all that on) but like sten,alistair,oghren,leliana,and zevran could use the staff

Staff? You mean the staves Mages use exclusively?

Hmm, do you mean the Arcane Warrior specialization that allows Mages to use Rogue and Warrior armor and weapons?

Weird, but it wouldn't do any would be suicide to equip a non-mage with a staff.