Someone up for zombies?(


Does anyone want to play zombies on map ''five''?

My high score in co-op is 36 with 2 players and round 78 solo.

I live in europe(i told that to you so you can know how good will be my connection).

I play with mic(because to play better you need to comunicate)

My strategy is looping the 2nd floor.

Im American-German, have russian accent, i'm not a squeaker.

Polite and don't rage quit.

My detailed strategy:

1st room:

Rount 1:Shoot 6 bullets in zombies torso and then knife=170 points.

Round2:Shoot 8 bullets at zombies torso and 1 knife=210 points

Round3:1,5 magazines in zombie and then knife=250 points

Round4:Before the round start, i go to the elevator and go to 2nd floor, buy mp54 and hold out there till round 6 or 7.

Round7:Open all doors till the next elevator, turn on the power, go pack a punch my m1911 to mustang an sally.

Round8:Buy juggernog, open all baricades at 2nd floor and loop it.

Round9:Remain at upper section of 2nd floor and kill the doctor with m&s.

Round10:Go for power weapons and monkey.

Round:11-Try to survive.

My princips are theese:

1.The one with more points opens the next door.

2.Don't steal zombies from other player windows.

3.If team mate is down, if sittuation if zombified then better run than revive and live to see the next round.

4:Take misterey box in turns(i don't give a damn that you got a dragunov, now it is my turn! :D).


Is annyone up for a game?

p.s-I don't play with squeakers(my mike is very sensitive and my brain will blow up if some sqeaker starts offense.)

Send me a message if you want to play.


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Oh yeah and im in my mid 20's so you can expect me not ot rage at you if you f^^^ up.

And im ready to spend 3+ hours on 1 game.

My time zone is GMT+1

Hey Anubiss, my friend and I are looking for help with the Shangri La easter egg if you are interested?

We are looking to acquire the stone so we can finish the Big Bang.

We'd be happy to do it several times so all the party members can pick up the stone and no-one is left out.

Ofcourse we'd need a fourth player.

We are one hour behind you and feel the same about mystery boxes and rage quitting.

Send an auld message or post if you'd be interested, we'll be on till the early afternoon and then again tonight..