Someone said ghost one players--

Also get into lobby's with 360 players is this correct?  I didn't think this happened due to the fact that when I transferred all my stuff to the one none of my leaderboard stats moved and they started over again.  Also the population is different from the 360.  About 100k online with the 360 and about 40k with the one so is this a bunch of b.s. ?


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That person was incorrect. There's no way of that happening.

here is a comment made by afro wolf in another xbox one ghost thread who is also a moderator like yourself that I pasted below.

AfroxWolfx states

but then of course you want to play ghosts, a game run by a developer who decided it was going to make 360 and Xbox One players play together. So you're playing against people on the 360 who yeah i guarantee do have aimbots i've seen them myself, so your brand new anti hack console was made useless with this game by Infinity.

you guys should really screen people before making them moderators.

but I have played the game since the update and it has improved a lot.  I'm not seeing a lot of the things that I was seeing.  And the game appears to be playing very smoothly.  It took a few months and now that I am starting to enjoy this game in two days titanfall will come out.  But I have my doubts about that game we shall see.

It would seem that it is technically impossible as X1 and 360 players can't send voice messages to each other or be in the same party chat.  

Don't be confused, we are NOT moderators, we are ambassadors. He was completely incorrect in that statement as it was already announced a long time ago regardless of the game. 360 players and Xbox One players will not be able to play together.

NO cross-platform gaming in Ghosts.