Someone help me out....please

So I don't get to play this much so I can't practice too much and this is the first UFC game I purchased out of the series.  I recently bumped up the difficulty and when I get close to the title in title mode I am having some problems fighting from the bottom.  How do I stop getting pummeled?  Blocking and swaying only works for so long before I get rocked....

I use the amateur controls so do I just click the right stick up to transition and eventually get back to my feet? 

How do I hold the opponent so the referee comes in and breaks up the clinch from the ground? 

Any tips at all please....I'm doomed every time I can't block a takedown...

On the other hand, what's the best way to stay on top of an opponent when in the clinch on the ground?



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I think to hold an opponent down on the ground to have it stand up is R stick -->. To stuff a takedown is L trigger and R stick <--. Easiest way to stay on top in the ground is to get into full mount, and to just try to prevent the other fighter from trying to transition out. If all else fails, practice and go over the sections in the tutorials that you need most help in. Hopefully someone else on the forums can add some input into the button commands and extra tips and techniques.

Take down counter- flick right stick to the left as other fighter is comming from the right, an vice versa if your on the right.

No need to touch the L trigger that's for doing take downs.

Ground an pound - keep moving right stick down to grab or to move other player away( AMA controls) once you have hold of other player keep right stick pushed in opposite direction away from opponent, like you do for a counter take down.

To stay top of an opponent keep the transitions random, don't keep spamming them or you will get TR.

In between trans get in the habit of throwing body punches head shots are pointless in this game unless you've got them in the SAV position.

SAV position an a couple of elbows can end the game very fast, the elbow from SAV can end a match faster than any spinning back fist or any head kick.

Hope this helps I'm no pro but I do like the game :p

And as an aside the referee will only break it up if there's a stalemate ie you have to be in full guard without your opponent postured up.

Thanks....I'l try some of these tips!