Some things in Call of Duty should remain consistent:

1) Ghost, Blind eye, Cold Blooded, Assassin, or whatever you want to call it.

2) Ninja, Dead Silence..............

3) When you put someone in last stand.....YOU should get the kill......or better yet; just make Last/Final Stand part of the game as opposed to it being a perk, for instance  if someone is shot in the leg or any other extremity other than the head or center of the chest, then that would warrant a player to be shooting from his tookus (spellcheck), but if a soldier is shot in the head there should be no possibility of return fire from that individual....the only thing that should ever follow a head-shot is a nice dose of ****. Oh, and can you please do something about ricochet Last/Final stand......I truly dislike being killed at the immediate instant that i put someone in Last/Final Stand/Second Chance (more for the first two items of the consistency bucket)

4)'s juggernaut again.......WTF!

5) Bring back the ability to plant two claymores or bouncing betties

6) Quick Scoping = garbage!..........what happened to maps like wasteland, overgrown, downpour ......this is two games in a row where sniping is a non-factor. the golf course/cliffside notwithstanding.

Gotta go....someone add to this list.


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