Some things i think need fixing!

i found a couple things that i think could have been  done differently or  maybe could be fixed.

One is the fact that when you  do a versus mode   (doesnt matter which one).  and you want to go back to menu  when viewing the scoreboard   after the match and BEFORE the NEXT match, to avoid starting a NEW match (cause it seems to want to just go to a new map and new match automatically)    You need to hit the the arrow button to bring up theversus menu that will allow you  to get back to main menu!. That doesnt hardly ever work.. and it is so annoying  hitting it and then it decides to go when ever it wants to!.. I hit it like 50 times  and it just keeps refreshing the scoreboard and playing that one sound,   it seems that i have to LITTERALLY wait titll the next MATCh to start before finally able to  tjhe menu that will bring me to the MAIN MENU!

Second.. why dont they put the ribbons in alphabetical order?!    or am i missing a SORT function that will sort them in any specific order?! alphabetical, or  by DATE last earned, etc etc.. if there IS then i must be missing it. ... but if there isnt then that should be added... same with the Medals too!.

Also with the  medals. sometimes it shows the ORANGE marker on the STATS AND AWARDS tab meaning a new one has been added .. but when you  go in to it there is NONE that has been Orange. Sometimes i get that  and then i view the ribbons or medals and there is NONE that are new>.   



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As far as the medals and ribbons go I believe they are sorted by type. Meaning all the Horde medals are grouped together which works for me.

yes but sometimes a medal or ribbon is  hard to find when you wanna see how much you did on it.. Dont get me wrong.. that  sorting them by type isnt bad thing..  just it shouldgive you an option to  sort by how ever one chooses too :O)

another weird thing i noticed just playing horde in gridlock... on the left side of the map where you spwn in  in versus mode.. there was like a HOLE in the wall.. wiht this orange ray of light coming out of and crossing  the whole map ..i kinda remioded me of  how agunker  glows those rays just before he he explodes.. but it was coming out of the building itself..   it appeared  when we were fighting  brumak and stayed there the whole time..  like through four or five waves..   it would have stayed the longer but  we quit.. .. no one else saw it.. but i did i took a picture of it with my camera bad gears 3 doesnt have the  PHOTO SNAPSHOT when in ghost mode.. that would have been easier to show the glitch.. but  i wonder why that happened?!:!   it was annoying as heeeeecckk!!..