some things are lacking in this game

i think theres no atmosphere in this game

i havent even heard any flies lol

at least ops 2 had an atmosphere you could here

shorted electrical cables' flies buzzing etc etc

and the wtf moments like where and who killed me

its like playing against an invisible player

and why am i always host when i have the worst connection ever

im in the uk on talk talk on wi-fi and the router is in the next room lol

is that why i won a few games?

its like the other guy said its just not polished, its not a bad game actually

but the winner seems to win because of lag

over all its not that bad but maybe its not polished because of the xbox one

but having said that i paid full price for this game and i expect it to be polished

in every way regardless of the one coming out soon.


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oh and the footsteps are way too loud

i spend most my time looking left right behind me etc

on my turtle beaches, its just too confusing

but im kind of enjoying it so far

i'll be drawing my pension if i fully prestige on this game

   I have noticed electrical shorts making noises, but thinking about it, thats about it. No wind or flies , I'll have to pay closer attention.


  The footsteps are especially helpful when spawning. You can almost always hear someone near you even an instant before you actually spawn so you know what direction to turn. Thats something I think mw3 had over bo2. In bo2 I almost always got killed by the guy beside me when I spawned. In both mw3 and ghosts you get a clue.


  How do you know you are host?

when i quit it said host migrating, thats the only way i knew, i thought it put

you down as host if you have a decent or the best connection but mine

is so bad..i dont mind the spawns just when i end up giving someone a piggy back

but i dont take cod serious now, just play it when i aint got anything else to do

   Was just wondering, sometimes in past releases there have been ways to tell you were host without backing out.

    As  far as the wifi router goes, I've heard that frequently in the past. It no doubt gives you a worse connection than wired, but people frequently say they get host with wifi. I dont know why that is other than possibly the security features maybe set lower. I have a subpar connection and get host frequently. I blame that on me not using a router at all. My nat is always open and there are absolutely no security measures in pklace for my xbox.

All that sound stuff will probably be patched. Its happened in past CoDs. I think in MW3 (maybe) there were NO footstep sounds for anyone at release, and I am sure they wanna add ambient sounds too, but its probably accidentally turned down or something.

  In bo and bo2 footstep sounds were completely lacking in the beginning. I think mw3 was ok at launch but cant remeber for sure.

  The footstep sounds in ghosts are definitely loud. I dont have a problem with that though, dead silence helps. The dog needs a bell on his collar though.

I have heard a lot of this ambient noise.  But I'm usually not in the thick of things where grenades are going off left and right.

IW has been known to have bug issues every time they bring out a new game. Hopefully we won't see too many glitches.

wait til the die hards get their dead silence and awareness thing, us casuals will get slaughtered lol

Dead Silence should be for walking; if you run, you ought to make noise.

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