Some small complaints and helpful suggestions. :)

Netflix App complaints and suggestions:

--Can't stand that the thumbnail I stop on expands to some arbitrary scene that does nothing to enhance the interface.  When I stop on a thumbnail I want to be able to browse all the images on the screen to see what I want to watch and when it expands it distracts from that.  There is no reason for this, please get rid of it or, even better, give me the option to turn it off.

--Please stop auto play when selecting a show.  One extra click isn't going to slow anyone down but for those that would like to read a description or pick an episode it is very annoying to just jump into the show without any of the old options we used to have.

--Allow me to customize "my queue."  I have over 200 shows and episodes in my queue and it's a mess.  The search bar is slow and annoying so just let me organize my list into sortable categories of my choosing.  

--Seems now every time I start a show it starts off very grainy and takes a bit to get to acceptable quality.  This wasn't the case before.  I don't mind a few seconds more loading to start with higher quality.

--If you want me to have two options to choose from when loading the netflix app, then just give me two apps.  Kids only is a nice option but put it on the dashboard instead of inside the regular app. 

--I liked the old layout of the thumbnails before kinect integration.  I don't use kinect to run through my choices as it's easier, and faster, to just use a remote or controller so give me the option to choose the old, kinect unfriendly, layout which was much better looking.

-If any of these options are available to me I don't know where they or how to implement them so any info to help would be great.

Thanks.  :)


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I agree with all of these. Maybe allowing you to customize which categories you want to see. Make it a little simpler, faster, easier to browse things

I would like to see a continuous play feature added, so that every time an episode end in a series I don't have to turn my controller back on and press a button for the next episode. I know that Netflix for the PS3 has this feature. I would like to see it here for the 360.

I couldnt agree with you guys more. The layout we have now seems messy and takes for ever to scroll through and pick wich categorey it is that your looking for. That and the episode starting as soon as you click on it is very annoying. I dont want to start the first episode if im 3 seasons in, please change it back so I can choose a season and episode of a show, and I HATE having to turn my controller back on or yell "xbox next episode" in order to continue on to the next episode. Its not a lot that we are asking for. Maybe have a kinect netflix app and the old netflix app available. or at least give us the choice to change things in like a setting menu

The old layout was much more user friendly, in my opinion.

I kinda miss when my friends check their friend list to see what you're watching.  Now it just says "Watching a TV Show or Movie."   Gave them a little taste of what I liked to watch.. lol.  Thought it changed my options to hide what I'm viewing in my Xbox settings, but it's allowed.

I agree with all these. And why did they remove Y for space when searching? Also, I'd like the standard on-screen keyboard instead of the silly row when searching. Making the interface kinect friendly rather than controller friendly is just dumb.

My biggest thing is why the app doesn't just auto play the next episode.

One main reason I enjoy Netflix on the other console.

The app takes way to long to load. I hope they can fix that via an update!

The old Netflix dashboard was more user-friendly, IMO.

When I click on show I want to see a list of all the episodes I don't want it to autoplay.

Also I want parties back.

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