Some "superstar" questions ..

What is the "point" of superstar mode? I'm a hb and  since I can't call the plays, I never am able to have 100+ yard games/etc (even though I average about 7 yards a carry). But my main question is this, are you able to import your superstar into a franchise team? Thanks!


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Got it .... the mode still feels only somewhat fleshed out -- I wish there were some achievements tied to it (other than creating one!)

On a side note, Ive noticed the point system seems to be flawed. Im getting points for things I shouldnt. For example, if Im a defensive player and the offense gets a big play against me, I get positive points for that... why? Its far too easy to make your player a 90+ overall

The point is to be a 'superstar'. You wont get 100+  yard games early in your career (or at least not as many) because yourr a rookie and simply arent good. If you are getting really antsy about this, I think you can extend the quarters so you have more opportunities to get carries.


I dont believe you can import him, unless he is a player you created in the "create a player" mode.


I have a question for you, does it bug you at all that your RB is starting over the other competition despite you being probably 10-20 overall points worse than the 2nd string guy?