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Ok. Xbox is part of microsoft right? Or a branch of the company anyway. Well i have some questions then. If its part of microsoft then why do we have to pay for online stuff? I think Bill Gates, Goetz....however thats spelled, makes enough money as is. And i dont really like being called non-loyal just because i cant afford a gold membership. Its unfair. $ony lets you do everything online for free unless that application requres an in-app subscription. Free online play is my biggest thing though. If "silver" members could at least play online, i wouldnt be posting this. And before you say anything, no im not a hater, i love xbox. The feel of it is amazing, not to mention that halo is the best game out there. Im just saying that silver members need more respect, i mean come on, i bought your system, let me enjoy it.

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Because it's an extra, when you buy an Xbox 360 you are buying an Xbox 360, nothing else.

"$ony" give free online as a bonus, Microsoft charge a small, affordable for most fee to use their premium online services, which I'm sure the vast majority of Gold members would say is worth it.

"If "silver" members could at least play online" if they could, Gold wouldn't exist. We may have to pay for online play, but in my experience of owning both consoles, Playstation users pay in a different way.

Bill Gates retired from Microsoft back in 2008. The money you pay helps maintain servers, network infrastructure and the Policy Enforcement Team and their work.

Also Sony is strongly considering moving towards a paid service for online gaming with the PS4.

If that happens then im not getting a ps4. Gold is only affordable for some people. If you havnt noticed the economy is currently in $hithole. Im a teen with no current stable employment. I cant afford this crud. If they could just let us play online and keep the other features locked for gold membership. I just hate sitting by myself or with a small group of four playing on split screens. Im sorry if im making anyone feel that im hating xbucks but its to expensive for people in my situation.