Some of these challenges are flawed!

Challenge 21: Yin and Yang


- Defeat Your Opponents

- All swapped out partners slowly heal!


I have a big problem with this one. Why is it that when the computer swaps out his character, his swapped character heals faster than mine? This isn't a challenge! It's a cheat! Why does the CPU have the right to break the rules but I don't?


Challenge 29: Ancestral Light


- Defeat Your Opponent!

- Opponent only takes damage within the cone of light.


I am currently on this challenge and Scorpion is really frustrating me! Why is it that when he launches his spear through the light and drags me over to him and hits me and does damage even though I am NOWHERE near the light! I try to attempt the same thing the CPU does and my actions result in zero damage!


Why does the CPU have a bigger advantage over me? He can break the rules all he wants but I can't? That isn't fun, it's cheating! Plain and simple!


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I understand the reactive AI thing but I assure you I don't spam special moves. If anything I combo the hell out of most things. One challenge in particular I remember Sindel using nothing but those stupid fireballs and I couldn't get anywhere near her because she had nearly no cool down time. That's not adaptive, that's just cheap.

You can only damage Scorp in the 'cone of light', its your challenge, not his, he can damage you anywhere.

It's not that the computer chooses to spam the same thing on you, though. It's reactive AI. It tends to spam if you spam or present the opportunity to do so continuously. It will and does read your button inputs, too. Not very fair but there are ways around it once you learn how it reacts to certain specials or attacks. Also, it does go easier on you the more you continue after losing. You can regain health on the final challenge after each opponent if you keep trying and losing, just as an example.

LayzzR is right guys, 251 is the real cutoff point where it goes from frustrating to infuriating. I only skipped 5 that I know of and they're all in that spread from 251 to 300. Just wait until you have to fight 3 Shao Khans in a row with one life bar or have to fight Goro with Sheeva where getting hit once will kill you. A lot of them are only challenging because the AI spams like a 12 year old that memorized 3 moves but most are challenging simply because you're put in a total wtf scenario with a sh*tty character and about 50 factors working against you.

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Man, you think the ones pre-50 are annoying? You are going to go insane at 251+ I ended skipping a bunch and still need to do the last one.


Oh man, please...don't, I'm already dreading it haha

Man, you think the ones pre-50 are annoying? You are going to go insane at 251+ I ended skipping a bunch and still need to do the last one.

Yeah, this is Mortal Kombat, they don't make things very fair, they make it challenging. And unfortunately they do so by putting us in unfair situations to make it challenging. It's just the way it is with this game. It can be frustrating I know.

I used your suggested method before I even read about it and Scorpion still defeated me. This game is frustrating me. I'm going to send it back to Gamefly.

Because they're challenges and this game can be pretty unforgiving of them. Just keep trying and don't be getting upset on these early ones. There are other ones that have swapped out partner heals and cones of light where only your opponent can be damaged in it. Yes, only your opponent. You can be damaged at any point in the Ancestral Light challenge. I just crouched in the cone and waited for them to come close and uppercut them over and over.