Some New Screens

Not sure if anyone has posted/seen this yet, but I think the best parts are the mission computer shots:


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Thanks, it was really nice to see the menu screens, looks pretty slick, thanks for the link...:-)

I like that they went back to the blue menu. ME2's orange stuff was a bit hard to read.

1:09, looks like the Salarian councilor on board the normandy. just saying. also love the lighting effects that a lot of those screens show off. BW is doing good in that department and it isn't even done yet.

Your squadmates have morality bars. Could that mean you influence them like in kotor? Sure you could influence them before (kill this person, dont shoot "fade", destroy the research data, etc) but maybe squad influence is more structured, like in kotor how if your squadmates like you they would turn to the light/dark side with you

That system would be nice to have.  There was a hint of in in ME1, where you could encourage Garrus to a little less "ends justify the means", or make Ash a little less xenophobic, but to see you decisions actually having an effect (like in KotOR and DA, where characters actually commented on your morality) would be very nice

It seemed from their morality bars that it is very early in the game. But their skills say it is later...... Hm.....

They were given extra skeelz for demo purposes

Game Plus perhaps?...:-)

Pwny, I always think you make up words. Then I say it, and understand.  

Its a beautiful process.