Some new info released for MW3

* Multiplayer is divided between Spec Ops missions and standard multiplayer
* No zombie modes will be included
* Spec Ops features both the standard mission-based maps as well as a "horde-like mode."
* Standard multiplayer will feature 20 maps
* Team perks will be introduced, including Stopping Power, Blast Shield, Health Regen, and Stun Protection

New individual perks include:

* Blind Eye - Immune to killstreaks. Pro version speeds up lock-on and gives you extra bullet damage to vehicles.
* Assassin - Immune to UAV, thermal, and heartbeat sensors.
* Point Guard - Every two assists count as a point towards your killstreak.
* Dead Silence - Your character makes no noise.
* Recon - details unknown.

New killstreaks include:

* EMP Grenade - takes out all electronics in an area
* Littlebird - A remote-controlled miniature helicopter
* Precision Airstrike - Calls in an airstrike on a specific area
* Stealth Bomber - A B2 Spirit swoops in and carpet bombs in a line
* Remote Turret - A turret that can be controlled remotely by the player
* Directional UAV - A UAV that can scan designated areas
* Remote Mortar - Direct a mortar team via a top-down camera
* Airdrop Trap - A booby-trapped airdrop
* Ammo Resupply - Airdrop that supplies ammunition
* Escort Airdrop - Protected airdrop
* Specialist Strike Package - Unknown


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Point Guard <-- me likey.

that perk sucks in 3...2...1

Too many airdrops. More controllable killstreaks.