Some new Dark Souls II info.


-continuous dying can impose up to fifty percent of your maximum health

-Summoned players are on a timer that depletes faster the more they kill

-You can be invaded even if you're Hollow.

I'm even more pumped for this game now. Turning Human will restore your health completely. I found the hollow system didn't have enough drawbacks and I only went Human when I felt like Summoning other players or Bonfire kindling.


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Invaded while Hollow?


Interesting. Personally, I'm keen, and I'm extremely happy that they went that far. There will probably be some kind of protection against invasions anyway, but I'm happy with the news.


As far as summoned players being on a timer... I don't know. I know it's going to cut back on ganking, which I'm fine with, but I think it may be awkward in co-op too. Oh well. This is still good news.


The first point I like, I have to say. I wonder how you reverse that?

Personally I would prefer this game on Xbox One. If I get an Xbox One I doubt I'll be playing my 360 next March. :( Dark Souls is definitely one of my favorite games though. :) It's still nice to hear some news on a second one.

[quote user="ChainSmokingBob"]The first point I like, I have to say. I wonder how you reverse that?[/quote] Oh, by turning human using what they call, "Human Effigies." They really want to hammer in being Hollow has negative effects. 

Sounds like good stuff. I'm keeping my 360 just for this game.


I would never get rid of my 360 anyway, but I'm getting this game at midnight. I'm so keen :D

^^ I probably won't either, but that's mainly because of Shadowrun.


I wish it wasn't coming out so shortly after ES Online, which I imagine will take up all my gaming time in March.  Still, DS 2 will be the last game that I'll be buying for 360 (that I'm aware of) and I'm stoked for it.

I also saw a collectors edition, which was rather lame.