Some Nether questions...

I have spent 100 hours working on my current map and for the past 10 have been looking like mad for a Blaze spawner so I can harvest some blaze rods. I didn't have any trouble finding a fortress, although there only appears to be one. My questions are:


How many fortresses are normally found in the Nether on Xbox?


Is it possible there is no Blaze spawner (Which would mean I have no reason to continue what has been my favorite building feat ever)?


Can the monster spawners be found in peaceful mode? This would help me locate one without having to fight all the other mobs.


Has anyone else experienced this problem?


Any tips for finding the Blaze spawner?


Thanks in advance.


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I tried that map Kitsune, but I didn't care for it too much. I really loved the one I was working on. A pity that it doesn't have a blaze spawner. For now I copied my save to a memory unit and gave myself some blazerods in creative mode, but once the update comes i'll probably reload the seed (unless it retroactively adds a spawner to my current world) and start all over. I kept the original save just in case that actually works.



I may try "SHANE" as was suggested earlier, but so far none of the maps i've tried compared to the one I stumbled accross in my current endeavor. I built my mansion in a large open grassy area with just the right amount of water and some really great unerground caverns. Also the way it slowly morphs into the other terrains is right up my alley. I'm not as  fond of the rugged mountainous areas, the swamps and certainly not the deserts. But the location of those areas is easily accessible while still giving me the greatest amount of my preferred terrain.

I found that SHANE has lots of water and extreme mountains . But as I said , it does have a good fortress w/ spawner . No wort though . I also found an abandoned mine shaft that was several levels . Haven't looked for a stronghold yet .( The mine shaft has two spider spawners ) . I'm still exploring , but I may start another seed to see if I can find some netherwort .

You know what would solve this? Bigger worlds. On PC you just keep exploring if you don't find a blaze spawner, on xbox you're forced to start over or go into creative. What happened to the expanded worlds I heard about on release?

^^ that was very useful.  but anyway remember you can always load creative and give your self a blaze rod.

Found a nice seed that has a really large Nether Fortress, at least 2 nether wart rooms, at least 1 blaze spawner. Also has some pretty nice villages in the Overworld. If you build a nether portal right near the south-eastern (Bottom right-most) village in the grassy plains area you should pop out almost on top of the nether fortress.

Seed is: -8693486350845063210

Thank you so much  Bubble614;


I don't suppose the eventual update will retroactively fix this issue without having to start over? Oh well. As much as I love what i've been doing on this map, it's nothing that can't be done better with my newly gained experience.


Lolz on the sig... That goes back a ways.

Try the seed " SHANE " ( all caps like that ) . Good fortress , blaze spawner , and a lot of pi$$ed off ghasts !

I see you haven't been helped yet, let's see if we can fix that.


You seem to have found the biggest problem with our current edition of Minecraft on the Xbox 360: World Generation.


It is indeed true that you may not get a blaze spawner to generate naturally when you create a world, and actually you got lucky, as many other worlds may not even have a nether fortress. So to answer your first question, you will most likely get at least a partial fortress to spawn in your nether, but noting is guaranteed. This means that along with a lack of blaze spawners, you may not find a "Nether Wart" room either, which is needed if you plan on making potions of any sort of usefulness. 


Furthermore, just to clarify, a blaze can spawn without a blaze spawner, however they will only spawn within a nether fortress, and very rarely when compared to the speed at which they appear near blaze spawners.


Also, you're correct about peaceful mode. Any harmful mob will be removed from the game when on peaceful mode (which does include blazes).


If you're still unsure if there actually is a blaze spawner in your world, I will direct you to this link from the Minecraft Wiki: This article notes thats blaze spawner can be found in nether fortress balconies, and/or, the stairs leading up to them.


All is not lost though!!! This is indeed a known issue, and 4J is currently working on a solution that will be included in a patch for all current bugs. Again, I'll cite my sources: for the known bugs, and for the tweet about when they will be fixed. 


So, it seems the dilemma in the end is: wait for a fix and make a new world sometime in January, or try and go on without the blaze spawner. I'm afraid it's a tough choice, I've had to let worlds go that I've invested time into as well, and it can be hard to do. 


           Sorry for the bad news, but I hope it clears up a few things.






P.S. You're getting kudos from me just for the sig, nice one.