Some help?

Does anyone know why I cannot blow holes into buildings with my grenade launcher, instead it will show the could and an small impact crater and the smoked walls but nothing else, I think I was able to use an tank and destroy an wall but not my grenade launcher which usually does the trick so I can continue on when playing Rush, so any help would be appreciated.


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By the sounds of things you have your smoke launcher going instead on 'nades. Change it in your kit loadout.

I can't believe I made that mistake thanks.

That made me laugh, but it is  a simple enough mistake to make so don't feel bad.

Its awesome getting kills with smoke.

LOL, it is nice to have a good laugh now and then.  Everyone is so serious all the time.  Great post.

[quote user="GRAW2ROBZ"]

Its awesome getting kills with smoke.


Except when you kill you team mate when they're trying to dissarm the objective. Sorry Panda :(

I did this too once.then i decided i liked smoke,Its awesome on Arica CQ!