Some help needed

For the life of me i can't remember how to open the jammed door in the computer room.  There are a bunch of items in the security box that I need to bring with me.  Anyone care to refresh my memory?  Thanks...


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When you unlock the door when you enter the security code on the monitor in the mansion, a door unlocks on the first floor. The first double doors you see when you enter (which you need a key for, I think is the silver key, I don't remember well, also look out for the two Bandernashes there) there is a plate which unlocks the door that is just to the left when you first enter the security room. When you enter, there is a door straight at the end, when you enter, you have to push a crate at the end to get to the back of the security room and also remember to get the piano roll which you will need later when you are done, which is the door to the left when you entered.

I hope this helps.

Press the button next to the door and it unlocks the shutters in the room with the zombies behind the gate.

Is there any cheats for This game? as I Have No bullets left, Limping with no herbs and I Only have The First 3 achievements