some guy IP flooded me and Xbox won't do anything about it!!

I was playing madden 13 today and some [Mod Removed] named [Mod Removed] ip flooded me and I got booted offline. This [Mod Removed] should be banned and fined. It's illegal to hack someones internet and criminal charges should be pressed on this [Mod Removed]


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I agree wholeheartedly.

What is IP flooding?

Flooding an IP address is basically requesting information from the website or ip over and over again until it crashes. Eventually the site becomes slow and crashes as a result of trying to answer so many computers requests.

How can somebody do something like that and Xbox dont do anything about it?  I dont get how someone can control a system thats not even theirs in the first place.  C'mon xbox server security programmers "step ya game up".  We pay yall money so none of this crap should be happening.  This aint free PSN you know.

Same thing happend to me yesterday.

The [Mod Removed] told me he was going to do it. I reported it in player review but I doubt Xbox will do anything about it.

Dudes name is [Mod Removed] and has a MLG profile pic.

I wonder if it stands for [Mod Removed]

I love how the Mod's are all over removing certain words from these posts but won't help report a serious online issue to Xbox to get resolved. lol