Some game gift ideas, need suggestions!

Hi All,

My wife recently played and finished both Dragon Age games, and is starting her second playthrough of Dragon Age 2. She's developed the Xbox bug now, and wants to know what other games she might like.

She likes the gameplay and environment of both Dragon Ages, and she also played through the Final Fantasy game.

She's not into first person shooters, and not into sci fi that much (at least not for games). I originally thought Mass Effect or the old KoToR games, but she doesnt seem interested. So I guess I'm wondering if anyone out there can recommend some more games that are similar in environment and gameplay as the Dragon Age games?



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 Just off the top of my head..

How about the Fallout games Fallout 3 & New Vegas... you change from first person to third person..

The same with The Elder Scroll games Oblivion & Skyrim

Try Kameo it an old game but IMO a Great one!

Also The Fable series maybe

Thanks for the suggestions. I tried showing her Fallout and Oblivion but there was too much "hack and slash / shooting" in those. I think she's more interested in turn based type combat. She did play Fable III and enjoyed that one.

This is a bit 'out there' but she may like Civilization Revolution.

Eternal Sonata and Lost Odyssey

i'd recomend fable series but theyre always full of bugs

There's always Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights for PC.