some future ideas for BF

Make the sniper rifle SUPER heavy at the very least unable to quick aim an at the very least have  0% auto-aim, this auto aim is very sick, you don't even have to have to raise your rifle anymore  any more jus squeeze the damn trigger. Another Idea I jus thought of NO kits allowed in JETS or helicopter -pilots, Just pistols, that would make that ammo drop worth something, an it would also make the online commander something, they make you wear those stupid pilot get ups anyway?? am I right?? an NO more destructive inviroment, like flames or falling debris, I get enough zombie deaths an suppression or BAD LUCK aka Killed in Action to begin with..


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Agree although all weapons should conform to weight more, you're not going to be bunny hopping about hip-firing with an LMG.  Hate auto-aim in all games.  I like the idea of no kits for pilots just a handgun, this could also transfer to tank and AA drivers, definely make the ammo drop become useful.  Disagree with environment, I want more to the point the place can be enirley leveled, flames and falling debris kill in real life so I've no problem with that.  I like the BF series because they try to make the game realistic to a degree, I'd be all for absolute realism TBH.

yeah lets go BACK to Battlefield an away from call of dutyism, I think there is enough people who finally know Battlefield is a great Game, WAY better than Call of Duty. I think I have ran the gambit of bad luck an wrong turns on this game, I have parachuted out of a jet only to get road killed by another jet, walked or ran into entire squads of enemy OR hostile tanks, yesterday I had jus spawned into a Apache Chopper an was only 3 Virtual feet off the ground an BAM I was killed by a sniper camping up at the Northern HQ (Russian) on Caspian Border.

No kits for pilots? Explain since they don't have a kit. They are just controlling the vehicle....