Some Flops

(1) What happened to the manual?

(2) Is there some problem wit the online Horde mode?  I tried all day yesterday and could not find a game.

(3) Is the online community really as small as "16,000 worldwide?"  That's it?? 

(4) Is there anyway way to play a local splitscreen Horde?  I came across the option for a local console, but could never figure out how to start the game.



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(5) An update already? When I put the disc in for the first time,  I had to get an update!

1) I agree, i hate how people cheap out on the manuals nowadays, used to love the colorful manuals full of tips and pictures and such.

2) I managed to get into a horde match after a few tries.

3) Looks like glitched numbers, said "1 in your country, 1 worldwide" for me at one point.

5) ~From my experience most games get a day 1 patch, because the time the game is completed and on the disc, until the time its actually released, is plenty of time to find new bugs/glitches, so there is usually always a patch.

A patch can never be too early.

1. I don't really consider this to be a big deal.  I have never really had to refer to a manual for much anyway.

2. Yeah, didn't take long to get a horde match for me, either.

3. Mine stated one in my region and only five world wide, so I would say those numbers are incorrect and I assume they will fix it somehow, but it really doesn't affect much.

4. I played local split screen yesterday.  It is possible.

5. I heard the update was due to people glitching the achievements for some of the modes.  I have already seen one who glitched to 1000/1000.  

already people have 1000-1000

Well, technically people do, but they have obviously cheated as you can't get the achievement for the one challenge achievement that is a new challenge I think every month.  That doesn't sound like it makes sense :)

(1) Many companies are going to this now trying to use less paper, it is eco-friendly.

(2) I don't know, haven't tried Horde yet.

(3) Each playlist has it's own population, add them all together (including campaign players).

(4) Yes, you can play two-players on the same console only though.

(5) The update was to change the week one golden weapon unlock to the two rifles, so that VG's can have the exclusive Golden Gnasher to themselves. 


You are misinformed, the war supporter medal was glitched on Epic's end.  I played some matches on the 19th because fed-ex brought my game a few hours early.  I unlocked the Golden Gear because of this glitch (he is the reward for getting the bronze war supporter medal).  I now have 9 events toward this medal and I am not a cheater.