some advice required please

I have bought a Panasonic LED 22 inch TV, which I must say is brilliant with the xbox 360.  I have set it up with the component HD cable as although the TV has HDMI slots I find the image better on component.  I use the dedicated game mode setting on the TV which gives me great picture however when i play either Fifa 11, Topspin 3 of Tiger Woods 11 the brightness flickers slightly from light to dark and back again.  If i use the normal TV setting this stops but the colours don't look so great and the picture is over sharp. 

Does anyone else have these issues or seen these issues, it doesn't happen on other games so I wondering if its more a fault with the game rather that the xbox or TV


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link doesnt open  How's that?  It's funny but it opens for me. 

You might want to ask your question here too.


why HDMI instead of component, what do you set HDMI reference levels as etc in the setting tabs


I would go through the settings on your TV most HD's have a sensor that fluctuates brightness to the lighting in the room. I would highly recommend using a HDMI cord though.