some advice required please

I have bought a Panasonic LED 22 inch TV, which I must say is brilliant with the xbox 360.  I have set it up with the component HD cable as altough the TV has HDMI slots I find the image better on component.  I use the dedicated game mode setting on the TV which gives me great picture however when i play either Fifa 11, Topspin 3 of Tiger Woods 11 the brightness flickers slightly from light to dark and back again.  If i use the normal TV setting this stops but the colours dont look so great and the pictureis over sharp. 

Does anyone else have these issues or seen these issues, it doesnt happen on other games so I wondering if its more a fault with the game rather that the xbox or TV


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You really should use your own settings and not game mode. They say it helps to make it better and faster but it really doesn't. You should adjust your settings yourself to something really nice. You can get a much better image fine tuning it.

On my TV if I use any other setting besides the game mode preset I get horribad controller lag.

My games settings, are almost half of how I have my TV set at.  The games are too bright, no matter if I dim the game settings down.