Some actual game questions

Ok so being as stated before a BF rookie and having now played it, i have a few questions...

1.  How is it decided who is squad leader? it gave it to me a few times, but didnt know why or what (if anything) to do with it.

2. The yellow triangles are the leaders and the only ppl you can spawn on correct? if you spawn on a certain yellow do you change to that squad? or is it just a spawn only point?

3. is the knife melee broken or is that how it typically is? i couldnt get it too work most of the times

4. after the match on the scoreboard screen how do you go back to the main menu? am i missing something or is it like that because its not the full game?

all i have for now, thx for any info. I'm trying to be 1/2 way ready by the 25th

thx boats


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