Solution to fix error msg "game save corrupt" and also kits resetting

Hey guys i've posted this as a reply but thought i would post as a new thread as some people may find this very helpful.

********************************* SOLUTION ************************************************************

 The overall problem is caused by the games constant auto save feature which is damn annoying because even when you are idle in the main menus the game with auto-save every few minutes, now this is what is causing the problem that you have stated above (i.e kits being reset and when you boot up the game the game telling you that the game save data is corrupt) because if you turn off your console or back out to the Xbox dashboard while the game is auto saving it will *** up the save date on your hard drive and will unsync this with EA servers which means when you boot up the game next time hey presto you have all of the problems.

Now to sort this problem out you will need to sacrifice your single player campaign progress so i recommend maybe blitzing through single player to soak up all the achievements ( now this shouldn't take you more than a few hours) and then you need to back out of the game completely going to SETTINGS-SYSTEM-STORAGE-

Now pick where your Battlefield 3 game save data is held so either your hard drive or cloud storage and then you will need to delete your PROFILE SAVE DATA.

Now don't worry about deleting this, it will delete your single player career and will also delete the corrupt un-synced multi-player info which is fine to do because all of your main multi player progression is held on EA's servers and not your console. Once this file is deleted return to play the game and you will notice that the problem has gone, not only this but when you look on your multi player kits they should now all be the correct load outs that you had before and it does this because it pulls the info from the bf3 servers and creates a brand new save on your console hard drive.

I've only had this happen to me once but my advice to everyone is do not just turn off your console or back to the dashboard while you are playing battlefield, first back out the the main battlefield menu, wait for the auto save to stop faffing around and then either turn off your console or back to your dashboard. Hope this helps everyone affected.

*********************************SOLUTION ******************************************************************



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I'll let a friend know who's been getting this problem every loadup.

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Thanks for posting this.  This just started happening for me after updating to the latest dashboard.

no worries dude i know that this is happening to a lot of people so it might want to be a sticky if any mods see this