Solo'ing Pyro pete

Anyone got any tips for Solo'ing pyro pete with current updates. I have a level 50 Commando with quite a bit of legendaries including multiple infinities and conference calls. 

Right now I use the conference call or the Murduring Slagg to slag then use an electic infinity to do damage but still not having much luck. All the videos of solo's I found are out of date because they are using infinities or cc's and doing like 100x more damage in a single shot than I am now haha. I saw a video on the Sand Hawk is that the way to do it now? 


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Regular would be fine. You could always save up some Seraph Crystals and get the shock version Lead Storm, it does some pretty good damage (about the same as a Shock Sandhawk).

Turret to slag helps over two turrets for sure thanks for that tip. Learned a few tips on getting up on the walls kind of cheap but its an option too. Thanks for the tips though. Going to start Pirates booty TVHM here soon to get the sandhawk.

Should I get the electric version of the sandhawk or just the regular? I'm thinking the regular so I can use it on all the invincibles.

You are probably seeing a lot of people using Infinities with the Evil Smasher glitch.  Apparently you can make your Infinity do millions of damage with that glitch, which makes raid bosses go down much quicker.

Set your turret up for Slag. Use that to get his attention and shoot him with a shock weapon up his shields are down (Sandhawk is the preferred choice). Also you can hide behind the post when he does his nova so you won't have to turn any water on. IF you do need to use the water then only use the pump with spiders. Other guns are Maggile, Lead Storm and DP Unkempt Harold's.