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This is for anyone NOT interested in the multi Tournament. Anyone can sign up even if you intend on forming a team for mutiplayer. I will start the list. Please copy and paste and re post to sign up. Not sure of rules for this one as difficulty on Gold alone is over 200,000 points. Plus there is the cheat way which is extend the challenge runs to max out your kill count. So anyone please offer advice on what difficulty should this solo tournament be. I also think that the pic of your match should not be revealed until all matches are over. This will give a fair winner and not well im 30 points below the head guy so I will try again until I beat him/her.


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BAD 2020

Nobody? Going once

Going twice


Is this the place I sign up if I want a team but don't have one? If not ignore me while I shuffle of to the side slowly :-)

GONE!!!! The solo tournament has been canceled for lack of interest.

No Joku this is not the place. Tell ya what I will make a new thread for this.