Solitude Officers sound like Fox News

"I'm telling you!  Putin is planning an attack on Solitude.  And Santa Clause is white.  Everyone knows this" - Legate Rikke

And General Tullius is straight up evil, "Embellish if you have to.  You Nords and your bloody sense of honor."


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Have you been to Windhelm yet, or Markarth? Evil and apapthy is widespread. The guards want a good bandit raid while the smugglers and bandits are camped on their doorstep.

LOL...  Fox News! I saw a former commander of mine being interviewed a couple years ago, about some imagined slight by the President against veterans. I saw the same interview, unedited, on  I've not watched FN since, bunch of propagandists. Good sports network, bad news agency... but few are good these days really. I actually like the BBC for news anymore, more news, less beiber.

I like BBC myself. Many years ago Babylon 5 had an episode where the news people followed everyone around observing and asking questions. We, the viewers went with them, of course. At the end of the episode we get to see the actual aired report. It's a lesson in propaganda and biased reporting.  The episode ends in dead silence as the principals leave after the viewing. I can tell a fox report just by listening. I don't even consider myself a liberal. I'm more of a common sense sort of person.

Common sense is good.... (fox news is not)

I don't lean toward either side of the political spectrum, or at least I try not to. But I will say I'm less enthralled with the political right these days. Ultra-Conservative, Tea Party, Evangelical are all words that cause me to cringe and in my mind are synonymous with narrow-mindedness - and 95% of them own guns.... many with little or no training... yikes!  I have a "few" guns myself, but have seen enough of the world to know that extremism (no matter what side of the fence) and guns do not mix well at all. History will back me up here I think. This might be why I shied away from joining the Stormcloacks... lol.

In addition to the news, I like the BBC for my Star Trek TNG fix as well, only I don't care for letterbox much... but if a show is produced in that format, and non HD, then not much can be done there.

BBC can do no wrong as long as they give me Doctor Who, though I did grumble quite a bit at the loss of Torchwood and Primeval.

All great shows as well... I'm the only person in the house who will watch Dr. Who tho ... I take that back, the cat will sometimes watch with me... come to think of it, it's usually around her dinner time though???

I like the older and newer iterations of Dr. Who. My one complaint on BBC, 0 Monty Python content!

I think that nobody "gets' Monty Python anymore. To stay off topic but it is related to Monty Python. Way back in the 70s, Monty Python's heyday, my Husband and I were independent purveyors of information in just about any form. I was asked to put an ad for a stereo shop to introduce their sponsorship of Monty Python's Flying Circus on local PBS. It was to appear in what was supposed to be a fairly cool local weekly. I designed an ad that looked like a a plane pulling a banner like the opening that extended across the top of one page. The only way they would sell us the top two inches across the page is if we bought the whole page. The shop was not rich enough to do that so I had to re-design.

By the way, I missed the Doctors after Peter Davison and, while I really liked Eccleston and Tennant, I didn't care for Smith.

I feel ya, musical actors can be exceedingly tedious at times. They set you up to judge each new actor, whether you want to or not, because you know sooner or later someone's going to whack the good doctor (aka as contract negotiations fell I feel like they are manipulating me, and even though I know it, I still let it happen. I may just wash my hands of the whole show and let the cat watch alone.

I like that ... Independent purveyors of information.... aka enlightened and informed citizens, good on you both! And BTW, I haven't said so, and you seem open enough about it here, I am sorry for your loss Lady Bastet. Though it sounds like some time has passed (and I'm not fishing here), such a loss is often just below the surface for quite a while, if not forever, and rightly so.

My worst duty ever, ever, was being that uniform standing on some doorstep, telling a wife or mother that their loved one isn't coming home. On some level I'm sure, why I spared that injured stormcloak girl a few weeks back... Even though it is only a game, art imitates life and we are nothing if not the sum of our experiences.

Forgive the cliched last sentence... must find coffee ;)

"Be at peace ... Son of Gondor."