Solitare Pyramid on Windows 8.1

After I upgrade to windows 8.1 from Windows 8 I have not been able to get an extra when logged into my premium account. When I click on the extra deal button I'm transferred back to Windows start screen. I forgot to ask is there anyone who may be able to help me fix this problem

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Me too!! I have the same problem since i updated to w8.1 :-(


We are sorry that you are having trouble connecting to the game servers.  The dev team is aware of a possible conflict between the game and 8.1. Can you confirm if you have taken all of the App Updates? Some users have been able to connect by uninstalling and reinstalling the game.  The dev team is also currently working on an update to address the issue and we hope that it will be available soon.

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Hello from good old Switzerland,

I checked that I have taken all of the App Updates. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Unfortunately the problem resists.

Thank you anyway for your support.


Since upgrade to Win 8.1, Premium user bonus button entitled "Give me an Extra Deal" in (paid-up for a year) Premium subscription for Microsoft Solitaire Collection closes app. Other button entitled "Give me a Wild Card" does work. correctly. No "Upgrade Available" in Store available for installed Premium MS Solitaire.. I am hesitant to uninstall/reinstall for fear I will need to pay again. Unsure how my account is linked to the Xbox name given me by the game. Can you help?

I have this problem as well. All apps are updated and all 8.1 patches are installed. I have uninstalled the Solitaire app and reinstalled it but the Wild card/Extra draw crash is still present. The only way I can play Tri-Peaks or Pyramid now is by pressing No Thanks

Had someone come and look at my computer and I have windows 8.1 and no longer have the distorted cards but now they move very slowly when I try to move them. Any ideas to get them back to working properly?

So when you click and drag to move cards, the cards move slower than normal? The app is working fine other than that? Am trying to get as much info so I can send this feedback to our dev team and get this issue resolved. Thanks! =)

That is exactly what happens the cards move really slow that it seems like it takes 1 to 2 minutes for 1 card to move from one spot to another.

I will forward this on to my team and see what we can do to get this fixed. Thanks so much for letting me know! =)