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Yep, having the same problem Error Code 013408 then 002408. I know it is not my problem so I am not going to jump through hoops to try and fix it. I also am not going to reload the games app because that would definitely erase this month's progress. So will wait until someone at MS. I am thinking Windows 8 is not something that I would suggest to my friends, that is, if I want to keep my friends. 


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This is a GLOBAL PROBLEM. In my opinion it has nothing to do with Windows 8. Wise to wait the Arkadium & Microsoft guys wake up from their DEEP SLUMBER.

Am having this since early morning in India - we wait till midnight for the day to change merely to tackle the DAILY CHALLENGE.

A wasted weekend & Sunday.

Need to wake the Arkadium & Microsoft guys. Any one knows how to reach them directly?

Never have worked out how to.....