Solitaire Daily Challenge - New Points System

 Guys it seems Arkadium has updated a new point system. The challenges have been categorised as 'easy, medium or hard'. They have put stars at the top - one * for easy, ** for medium and *** for the hard challenge. Easy gets 100 coins, medium 150 coins and hard is rewarded with 200 coins.

1st April had 3 easy ones and 1 each was medium & hard.On solving all 5 challenges you therefore earn 900 coins as against 750 earlier. That I think is cool. Apparently the Arkadium guys are AWAKE and 'improving'.

I have just finished the Daily 5 challenges for 1st April and happy to earn 900 coins.



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same issue with solitaire, mahjong and minesweeper

Yes. I have seen the EXPERT category too. Agree the Challenges are getting easier.

However the Daily Challenges cannot be tackled since midnight/early morning hours of 14 April. Error Code 013408 & 002408. The Forum is full of complaints.

This is a GLOBAL PROBLEM. Am having this since early morning in India - we wait till midnight for the day to change merely to tackle the DAILY CHALLENGE. A wasted weekend & Sunday. Need to wake the Arkadium & Microsoft guys. Any one knows how to reach them directly?

There is another category too, called 'expert' with 4 stars, only seen it once though.....on another matter, has anyone noticed

the challenges are too easy now after this new points system?

same issue with me in PA, USA

COOL. Hoorah. We are back in BUSINESS.


Thanks Xbox & Microsoft. I love you and Windows 8