Soldiers of Redemption(SoR)

Hey everyone, xDarkReckoningx here, just wanted to post about my new community.

Soldiers of Redemption is a new and upcoming community of gamers and clans alike. Our biggest mission is to be able to bring together competitive and casual gamers together to form squads, make friends, and perhaps go competitive with a team and try to take on the major league gaming guys. We will have upcoming tournaments for prizes, different community activities, and a lot of social interacting going on and I plan for this to be huge.  Some people don't like to do Major league gaming because they feel that they know who is going to win and that they are not fair, well my community is set around the little guy. We strive for bringing out those teams that are too scared to take the first step and prepare them for where it counts.  We will have several teams and squads, some of which are for SoR, but others are their own team, however, SoR sponsors them as they compete.  We take any and all gamers, serious to laid back, and we take all clans and pre-set up teams.  If this is something that sounds decently appealing to you, please message me on Xbox Live at xDarkReckoningx or shoot me a response on here.  Also, in case this doesn't clear it up for you, I will have several games for this community, BF4, COD Ghosts, Halo 4, Madden 25, and GTA V. Thanks for reading and game on!


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Oh also our website is, check us out and sign up if you want to!

Prizes? I want a year supply of nutella. But in any case....

Oh sorry, I just saw the post about clan recruitment here above where I posted so I posted.