Soldiers of Darkness(SoD)

Soldiers of Darkness is a brand new clan out and recruiting all active members and players. You can be any skill level as well as long as you are prepared to active.

Our main platforms right now are Battlefield 3 and Halo: Reach, but we do plan on expanding on games we see fit. If you have any questions don't hesitate to send me a message.

Our website is, it is a long URL, however, I can tell you that you will not regret taking a look.

We are mature when we need to be, but our number 1 goal is drama free fun. We will be EXTREMELY active on BF3 here in Gamebattles and will be making an inter-clan gaming site.

I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.

(XBL GT: xDarkReckoningx


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so Soldiers of Darkness are recruiting eh ?

kindly SOD off to the clans forums where you're meant to be, this forum isn't for you to recruit in !


Do any of you clan kiddies have the ability to read and comprehend.?

I mean the first thread in this forum spells it out pretty damn good.

Dah, is dis da bus dat goes to school?

Nah kid. You get on the short one behind me.

Dah, oki doki!  

Why the "clan kiddies" talk? Not all platoons are "kiddies" this forum has always been against organized play but yet you have the UXF,XBF and whatever else you wanna call yourselves. I know he posted in the wrong section but do you have to be so quick to jump on him with name callin? Most of you would be locked in your base within the first 2 min when facing most platoons I know.(some of you have seen this first hand havent ya).

...back in the 90's I'd jam to the occasional odd SOD song (Stormtroopers OF Death)


as for beating on organized teams, well I play with randoms mostly...with maybe a friend or two included...but mostly randoms and we beat the snot outta organized teams atleast as often as they beat I assume they're 'organized' due to their cutesy matching clan, these organized clans you're so fond of seem to always be good at one particular strategy....and when that fails as it often does, that whole group of organized players falls in to disarrayed panemomium

Dont know who you are playing against but the teams I know dont have one strategy.They have one for every situation and exacute it well. Thats what seperates the " cutesy tags" real ones. Its easy to slap a tag on and call youself a clan,platoon,or whatever else you wanna call em. The hard part is the work you put into planning and exacuting said startegys. Like I said feel free to join in the fun anytime.

hey pal...I'm sure there are talented "teams" out there....but most of the time, they're as mediocre as everyone else....clan tags impress me about as much as a high rank does....other people think it's cool, and that's just fine for them....different priorities here though bud....when I play with my friends, it's no different to me than us grabbing a beer and shooting a game of pool

* Please try a lower page number.

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* Please try a lower page number.

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