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Greetings Xbox players.

In 2003 }SoC{ started as a small Christ-centered* Halo clan promoting a mature, family friendly, grace filled environment for gamers of all ages. Since then it has grown to a family of several hundred members and has branched into many different games including games on the Xbox system. We use Teamspeak to chat, meet applicants, play games, and have bible studies, however you DON'T have to be a Christian or religious to apply, or ever a gamer!  

We have a mature and diverse staff that is constantly looking for, training, and growing (servant)leaders. For all of our games we generally keep the atmosphere light-hearted and clean, and play for fun. We play a wide variety of different games such as: Halo Reach, CoD: Black Ops, Forza 3, MW2, Monday Night Combat, FIFA 11, Halo 3, BF: Bad Company 2, and a whole lot more. You are definitely welcome to join us whenever, just to chill out or play something.

Here is a video of a recent (Jan '11) event: }SoC{ XBL Play Together Night Compilation

 We have more recent videos, and event details posted on our forums.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Xbox branch, and what we are up to, feel free to check out our XBL forums (Link Here)and let us know what you play. Our forums are ad-free and readable without registering if you just wanted to look.

If you would like to join SoC, please reply that you're interested, what games you play or want to play and APPLY DIRECTLY by registering and applying at WWW.TEAMSOC.NET

„.›•º°`¨´°º•‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°``¨´°º•-‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°`¨´°º•‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°` ROSTER°º•‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°`¨´°º•‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°``¨´°º•-‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°`¨´°º•‹.„

The following is the current roster. Please PM Shaun or BrownSound to be added to the roster, and include your Gamertag so that they can send you an invite.

Additionally, please pm the Branch Leaders (see above sentence), if you CHANGE YOUR GAMERTAG!!!

}SoC{BrownSound - SoC BrownSound XBL Co-leader
}SoC{Shaun555 - ShaunKL XBL Co-leader

APG Celt - APG Celt
death_venom -MjrMalfunction0
saclegend - Saclegend
GracedNick - GracedNick
}SoC{2+2= 5 - Tanjentt
}SoC{A'den - Sunflash74
}SoC{Ace of Spades - ace4127
}SoC{Alias - Cortina74
}SoC{Arrow - MRArrowSmith
}SoC{Arty - Mercenary317
}SoC{AxL - SoC AxL
}SoC{Bear -ISoCI Bear
}SoC{Blacklist - SoC Blacklist
}SoC{Blarg - SoC Blarg
}SoC{BlkDOG - SoC BlkDOG
}SoC{BlonD - SoC BlonD
}SoC{Brian - Friik94
}SoC{Castiel - MONADZ DANU
}SoC{Check - Checkplease11
}SoC{Chizenhoff - SoC Chizenhoff
}SoC{ChzBurger - SoC ChzBurger
}SoC{Dddrgn - linemaniac231
}SoC{Define - chrissy 1241
}SoC{Desmond - tie 3 r e
}SoC{Demonhunter - SoC Demonhunterya[/url]
}SoC{DrBob - SoC Dr Bob
}SoC{Duke - Draganov1984
}SoC{drewl- SoC drewl
}SoC{Elmo - Elmos Evil Twin
}SoC{Evilscotsman - PiperLeSniper
}SoC{Faith - amjohns
}SoC{Froggy - SoCFroggy
}SoC{Ghost Orb - Ghost Orb
}SoC{GodsGameFreak - Gods Game Freak
}SoC{GoldenWarrior - Runezam SoC
}SoC{google - Go0gL3it
}SoC{HAWK - SpiritWarrior3
}SoC{hybrid - DeeJ ArchAngel
}SoC{Inst1ncT - The Inst1ncT
}SoC{Jaguar - wolfsquad
}SoC{Jakaar - Xangthos5
}SoC{Jin - SoC Jin
}SoC{jedigator13 - jedigator13
}SoC{jingle - jliu v2
}SoC{Jose - chevyfoo
}SoC{Jwin - - Flyboy451
}SoC{Kamahl - Murphs1Law
}SoC{Kronos - SoC Kronos
}SoC{kupo - SoC kupoooooooo
}SoC{Light9 - SoCLight9
}SoC{Leady - CJ593
}SoC{loose - kilogate
}SoC{Lyfe - RM Lyfe
}SoC{Medic - Peacekeeper727
}SoC{mtl171 - mtl171
}SoC{Nomad - BlackBeltSam1
}SoC{Ozzy3777 - Ozzy3777
}SoC{Phatcow - SoC Phatcow
}SoC{phenix - SoC Phoenix
}SoC{Pirate - SoC Pirate
}SoC{PR13ST - xXxPR13STxXx
}SoC{Pufflez- JaguarCub1994
}SoC{Razey - SoulfulSquirrel
}SoC{Rednck - rednck23
}SoC{Roach - Roacho25
}SoC{ROOKIE - BackdrafT IX
}SoC{Sectorbob - Sectorbob
}SoC{Schwarz - Uber Schwarz
}SoC{Sheep - a flylng donk3y
}SoC{S0ap - SoC S0ap
}SoC{Spade - Spade 013
}SoC{SpartX - spartanII 274X
}SoC{Spoc - SoC Spoc
}SoC{Spooky - FraG mwmwmmwmwm
}SoC{Spork - lll Raptor lll
}SoC{srvntoflrd - SoC srvntoflrd
}SoC{Steady - SoC Steady
}SoC{Stryker - DSimP
}SoC{Tallyaka - tallyaka
}SoC{T-Rock - Spookius
}SoC{Thundr - Zarling7503
}SoC{Trans - achillesfirebrd and ROIDRAGEbrennan
}SoC{Trinity - AerialDarkNinja
}SoC{Trust- SoC Trust
}SoC{Tsava - SuicidalCommando
}SoC{Twitch - aninjatwitch
}SoC{Umbra - DoomedSoul805
}SoC{Undrwrld - UniteD UndrWrld
}SoC{Vengnz - SN0BUM4L1F3
}SoC{Vista - HaloFreak429
}SoC{Wolf - DarkWolf92
}SoC{Xellos - THePANdEM1C
}SoC{Zulu2 - SoC Zulu2
}SoC{|-X-| - xT LeetUberPwn

Apologies if your name is not on the list. For a current roster with active links for gamertags go HERE

„.›•º°`¨´°º•‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°``¨´°º•-‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°`¨´°º•‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°` EVENTS°º•‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°`¨´°º•‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°``¨´°º•-‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°`¨´°º•‹.„


Schedule of Events

`¨´°º•‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°``¨´°º•-‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°`¨´°º•‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°` Recent Kudos°º•‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°`¨´°º•‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°``¨´°º•-‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°`¨´ [quote user="DrBoB"]I'm DrBob and I am also part of the }SoC{ clan. I've thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with the people in this clan. One can play games, but you can also hang out on the forums or Teamspeak to talk about anything and everything. Nowhere else have I found such a kind and friendly atmosphere to game with! You can feel free to be competitive if you like, but you can also just hang out and have fun! No one will bash you if you're not that good at a game (just ask people when I play Reach, hehe). 4/15/2011[/quote]
[quote user="jedigator13"]"Last friday, when we had our play together night, I was truly astounded by the number of people who came out to play, and everybody was very friendly. I can't think of a better way I could have spent my evening. We played for at least 3 hours nonstop. I'd advise anybody reading this post to come try out a game night, and if you like it, join the group. 3/1/2011"[/quote]
[quote user="UniteD UndrWrld"]"to anyone who is reading this and thinking about checking out the site please do it will be the best thing you have ever done. i might only be a newbie to their site but let me tell you that. i wish i's found them a lot sooner. they men/women at soc are some of the most kindest and good natured people i have ever meet online and they are a total blast play with. i had the oppurtunity to play Halo reach with some of them and it was by far one of the best gamming nights i have had in a long time.. so what are you waiting some join us and you too can see what you have been missing. 2/15/2011" [/quote]

„.›•º°`¨´°º•‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°``¨´°º•-‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°`¨´°º•‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°`***** °º•‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°`¨´°º•‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°``¨´°º•-‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°`¨´°º•‹.„
* We recognize that religion is not an attractive topic for everyone. This thread is NOT for religious discussion or debate but for recruiting and announcing events. All posts that are aimed at harrassing or flaming our clan will be reported. Our rules are in concert with the xbl code of conduct, so please help us keep this on the topics of events and recruiting.

If you do wish to discuss Christianity, religion in general, or Christians playing video games- we ask that you do not use this thread, and direct your comments HERE instead. We welcome anyone curious, or questions at our website and forums.


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Big props to Brownsound, one of our Xbox live coleaders.  He accepted the invitation to serve as a Guardian Elder in our clan.  General Gouda from our Lotro branch also accepted the position, and we are excited for what they will add to the leadership team.


Council met last night with the Elders and accepted the following new members to the clan.  





If you are interested in applying to join SoC, you can do so at http//:www.teamsoc.net.  Register on our forums and be sure to post an introduction.  Send a hello to Brown or Shaun, so they can get you introduced in one of our game nights.

I ran across this thread looking for clan/ or group of people to play COD Black OPS with for the XBOX 360. I would like the opportunity to play with you all whenever you all are playing Black OPS. New to the game still working out some kinks, but my main goal is the create online friendship and have a good atmosphere to play with others. I enjoy winning, but i prefer to have a place where that's not the main objectives. GT=LT07

Hey Lt07, great to meet you!  I've sicced our Black ops folks on you, so hopefully we get you into some games soon.  


If you haven't already, introduce yourself on the forums so we can get to know eachother better.    http://www.teamsoc.net/forums/index.php

under what heading do i put my post?

Clan Discussion>>General Clan business>> Introduce yourself

|………………...¸,•`………… SOLDIERS ……....…`•,¸……………….| 
|,¸¸¸.‹•'¸¸.‹•'¸¸.‹•',.·*..……....... of CHRIST .…..........*·.,'•›.¸¸'•›.¸¸'•›.¸¸¸,'| 


„.›•º°`¨´°º•‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°``¨´°º•-‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°`¨´°º•‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°` EVENTS°º•‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°`¨´°º•‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°``¨´°º•-‹.„¸¸¸„.›•º°`¨´°º•‹.„ 




This time we will be playing Halo Reach THIS FRIDAY May 20th!!!!

There will be custom games, some matchmaking, more custom games, and who knows what else, but a good balance of just about everything!


We'll get started somewhere around 8PM Eastern Standard Time (Which is 7pm Central, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific, and yes it's not set in stone).

If you are outside the Continental US, 

http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html this is a handy website to help you out. Make sure you check back here in case the time changes! Don't feel like you have to show up at said time, if you have to come later, that's perfectly fine!




As a small note, I may or may not be able to make a video on this one, but I'll try to if its possible  (Brownsound will not be able to attend)


If you have any questions, or want to RSVP (though not needed), post below or PM ShaunKL


And the Video from last time, our Halo 3 From the Grave Event, 






Hope to see you there!

posted for Joshua/BrownSound




im interested in joining

Hello SoC, I'm AMPD from the clan 4fterShock. We love what you guys stand for and would love to form an alliance between our clans. We have no real terms for the alliance but we like to make friends in the gaming community. If you want to make terms for our possible alliance, just give me a yell, if you do not want to forge an alliance, we understand.



Thanks for the invite!  We accept the offer of friendship.  Terms- we don't really do alliances, as long as the frienship includes mutual respect and help problem solving if there is ever any problem that arises between our members.  You're more than welcome to hang out with us, post on our forums, and join our games.  Let us know when you have something going in case we are able to join the game.





XBL Branch Officers!




}SoC{DrBob, }SoC{Chizenhoff, }SoC{GodsGameFreak, and }SoC{Undrwrld have graciously accepted the call to serve as officers for our XBL Branch! They will be helping us out behind the scenes with planning and leading events, especially in games that Shaun and I don't own at the moment, like Black Ops (hint hint...) and a bit more.

So please give them a good round of thanks for helping us out!




Council will be meeting this Sunday to go over the applicants recomendations.  If you are interested in applying to join, you are welcome to do so at our website.  Post here as well, and or get in touch with any of the following

SoC Brownsound, ShaunKL, DrBob, Chizenhoff, GodsgameFreak, and Underworld (Scare Bearr)






If you want to join, go to WWW.TEAMSOC.NET, register on our forums and  hit the "apply" link.  be sure to post an introduction saying a little about yourself, and see our Xbox area for the latest.  Tentatively we're planing a Black Ops Play night soon, so hurry up if you want in on that action.

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