Solar 2

I absolutly love this indie series and I hope they make more, this is the only indie game I find very fun and enjoyable and I highly recommend them, Solar 1 was very fun and I just bought Solar 2 and have been playing it and so far I love it. What do you guys think about Solar?


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What kind of game is about ?

The sun of course silly...

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What kind of game is about ?

[/quote]Best way I can discribe it, is that its a planet simulator, You play as an Astroid, Planet, Sun, or Black hole, and you can do whatever you want in like a huge sandbox level, and their's various missions that you can complete.


sounds a lil like outpost kaloxi i'll give a demo a try. TY.

Np, I hope you enjoy it

jebus, they made a sequel? the first was fun and everything, but not exactly a worthy candidate for sequel-hood...that being said, i'll be downloading the trial later tonight and, depending how fun it is, buy it whenever i need a new time waster.