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can someone explain to me how the SOFLAM works


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Javelin users will be able to fire their missile from anywhere in the map. It goes all the way up and then back down on that painted vehicle.

it kinda sounds like a useless piece of equipment for the most part unless your teammates are willing to help out. i liked how the laser in modern combat worked. u aimed it at whatever vehicle and a missile came in on its own and destroyed the vehicle.

so if you are using the javelin and the soflam targets something is it just point and fire or do you still have to lock on with the javelin?

Also helps Javelin users.

It laser designates a target for a jet or chopper that's carrying Air to Ground missiles, shows up as a big orange square on their screen. I don't think they help with locking on because the few times someone lasered a target for me I still had to lock on to the target manually.

you lay it down and mark a vehicle with it, it then makes it so anyone who has missles that lock on automatically lock on I believe