SODB in Der Reise

is the sawed off double barrel in der reise?


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Yes but I don't remember where.

are you positive? i have only found the double barrel

I am 95% positive but I haven't played Der Reise since WaW so I could be wrong. Check near the teleporter with the two big fluid tanks. I think it is teleporter C.

i believe that you are wrong.  no offense

in WAW, it was not on the wall.  it came from the box supposedly after the easter egg.

The sawed off is not on the wall in Der Reise. (I dunno about after a cheevo though).

thanks.  i searched everywhere.  i think the noxious fart was thinking of the type 100 which is on the wall by teleporter b.  still havent had any luck with the sawed off.  i have just been sporting the reg double barrel. its not bad just not as good for up close zombies.