Social Xbox Clan for Adults

We are the End of Dayz Clan, , a clan for adults, 30 and over.  We are approaching our third year and have a great group of people who love to play online. 

Most of us now play on Xbox One; but we do have some members on the 360.  We play COD, Destiny, Elder Scrolls Online, GTAV; and about every other Xbox title in the store.  We have a website to share our ideas, gain help for gaming problems, and bring us new information.  We are a constantly growing community of adult gamer's who all share our love of Xbox and online gaming. 

No need for your to play online alone or with randoms.  Come to our site and join our online family.  Tell them TA Drag Racer sent you.  


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Great time to check us out.  Cooling Far Cry 4, still battling away in Destiny.

There are many new, online multi-player games heading our way soon.  We are now playing the Taken King, many raids weekly.  Soon, we will be playing Halo 5, Black Ops 3, and Star Wars Battlefront.

If you have never joined a group or played as part of a clan, you should give it a try.  I have found we get so much more out of our gaming investment playing with a group of others who enjoy the same game.  Its okay playing with randoms; but its like a new game when playing with friends.

As part of the clan, I have gamed with and befriended people all over North America.  I have friends in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.  We also have clan mates from down under; the wonderful world of Australia and New Zealand.  The world has opened up to us.

If you are an adult, 30 or over, and enjoy playing online games on the Xbox One, give us a look.  We are the End of Dayz Clan, , and we are waiting to meet and play with you.  No need to ever play alone again.

We are now playing Black Ops 3.  Come join the fun!

We are now having Black Ops 3 tournaments for our clan members.  Last night we held a 3v3 tournament - lots of fun.  

No need to play alone.  If you would like to join a great group of people to socialize and play online, and are at least 30 years old, stop by our website and take a look.  I look forward to gaming with you.

Come join us tonight for 2 XP and some online battles.  Just send me a message and I will get you in the game with us.  See what it is like to play with team mates.

Black Ops 3.....

Four new members last week.

What makes us different:  We are a social clan for adults.  We have no clan orders or mandatory play times.  You play when you want, play what you want, and with who you want.  We provide a large list of like minded adults who want to play online and have fun.

We don't care how experienced you are, what your K/D is, all we care about is having fun.  To us, that is teaming up online and playing with our friends.  

Give us a look.  Let's play BO3!

Hey, I'm 29. I'm not that good but would love to play with people who actually talk during matches.

Brawny Wolf made the leap, great fun to play with.  Come join her, Alley Kat, and myself in some friendly online gaming.  If BO3 is your game of choice, I just setup an internal Kill Confirm tournament.  $20 Xbox code goes to the winner.  If you are at least 30 years old (with convincing maybe 29), come to our website and join in the fun.

Three and a half years and still gaming on.  We have members playing The Division, Destiny, Black Ops 3, The Elder Scrolls; just about every Xbox coop game.  

No pressures, play when you want and with who you want.  What we offer is a great group of adults to get to know  and game with.  We have a website for support for those that enjoy forums; its a great place to get your questions answered by fellow gamers.  

If you are 30 or over, love playing online with people who will talk to you and share games and life; give us a look.  Go to or send me a message on the Xbox.  See you online.