Social events not appearing

I'm playing Assassin's Creed and the social events are not appearing. Do I need friends that are playing the game the same time I'm playing it?


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No talk to the barmen in the taverns (it will cost 200R) but they will give either cadaver locations or social naval fleets/white whale locations (they are the ones flashing blue). You can also find them yourself at sea, none of my friends have been playing this and I've had no trouble locating them.

Add a few friends who are also playing and you will have white whales and social chests popping up everywhere. I've finished the main story now though but hopefully the Freedom Cry DLC has a few social events aswell. Quite fun if you like chasing white whales and finding treasure chests.

Actually I'll take back what I said because it appears there is a bug since the last patch that is preventing social events appearing.

These events are still not appearing. I have very carefully gone to every tavern and all I get in more naval convoys. I have finished sequence 7 and do not play with any friends. Is it possible events do not show up until later or only if you have friends on line at the same time?

It might be fixed, I just plundered a Royal convoy. But the only thing that is not appearing is the social chest. I have 100% sync and I have explored every island.