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Hi ! 

My gamerstag is linked to Social club but i dont get the items.
When i go to lifeinvader and "stalk" i get some extra's like discounts.
But what i really want is the GT-R like car, when i go to my garage the spawn notification wont pop up.
I tried to delete the cache but it didnt work :(

More ideas ? 


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Are you talking about multiplayer? You need to order the car over the in game Internet at and it will be delivered to your garage.

No mate, iam not talking about online. First i want to complete the story mode 100%

When inside the garage, walk up to the garage doors and something should pop up telling you to press the d-pad to get the car.

Both things did not work :(

But on my friends account it does work :S

It's because you're a silver account. You can get all of the freebies apart from the Elegy RH8 on a silver account. Upgrade to gold and you will receive the car but you will need at least a month. Trials don't work.